Cumbria Canine Hydrotherapy Centre

Improving & Enhancing your dog's Physical and Mental Well-being


Benefits of Hydrotherapy 
  • Recovery
  • Rehabilition 
  • Recuperation 
  • Relaxation 
  • Fitness & Stamina 
  • Fun 
  • Well-being 
Our Ethos
  • Passionate belief in Hydrotherapy 
  • Dedicated to Health and Rehabilitation
  • Caring and Professional Service
  • Relaxed and friendly Environment
  • Tailored to individual needs
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Cumbria Canine Hydrotherapy Centre:

I have always loved dogs and have lots myself, mainly Labradors.  I have both shown and bred Labs and I have been fortunate that they have generally been very healthy physically, nor have they had problems with their behaviour, so I cannot claim that my interest in canine hydrotherapy was inspired by necessity. Still my interest grew.  In the Autumn of 2007 I decided to pursue it further and I attended courses in Hydrotherapy, Water Management and Canine First Aid. I also visited several canine hydrotherapy centres and undertook shadow training at three. 

As the popularity of canine hydrotherapy has grown and become universally accepted as an integral form of rehabilitation, so there is now a proliferation of courses offering a variety of educational pathways to develop and review hydrotherapy practice.”

Our priority at CCHC is the dog’s condition: its physical and mental well-being. We recognise breed variance and will always take the time to go the extra mile and treat each dog with patience, respect and always praise. The calmer and more focused the dog, the more considered their response. We wish to interact and work with your dog to achieve controlled and deliberate movement and thereby the best quality of life for them.  We believe that the best way to achieve this is if we are in the pool with your dog, which helps build confidence and trust and therefore the best possible results.

We will only treat dogs with a veterinary referral, even dogs swimming for fun and fitness, to ensure that no condition exists which may contraindicate hydrotherapy.  If your dog has been seen by your vet in the last 6 months we can contact them on your behalf

We are delighted to report that all our clients appear to have improved health or fitness since swimming with us.  We thank all present clients for making CCHC such a success and look forward to meeting new clients.  


If we can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Holme Dale, Low Scales, Aspatria, Wigton, CA7 3NE   -   E-mail:jan.waite@caninehydro.co.uk   -   Tel: 016973 20736