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  • Relaxation 
  • Fitness & Stamina 
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Dixie Beattie
Hi, my name is Dixie Beattie. I am a beautiful German Shepherd and I think I am  six years old. A few  years ago I just couldn’t get out of bed. My vet diagnosed severe hip dysplasia and suggested swimming to build up my muscles, but as I am rather anti-social and don’t like meeting new people my mum thought it would cause more distress so we put it off.
Well, eventually I got worse. My family were all very sad and I was on strong painkillers. So we took the plunge (excuse the pun) and made an appointment. I was frightened and very naughty and difficult.  However, I am now SO good and have every reason to believe I am Jan’s favourite as I get hugs and kisses. I have included Jan, and now Tracy, in my very select circle of friends as they have become such an important part of my life.
I used to get depressed. I hated being in pain and struggling to get up and I stopped enjoying my meals and walks. Now I am so much better - no painkillers!! We go every week if possible, usually on a Wednesday and I am raring to go. Sometimes, though we go on different days, which confuses me as, being German, I am a stickler for routine. My coat is thick and luxuriant thanks to my weekly condition and blow dry and I look forward to my meals. And I can run in the fields at home with my seven (yes seven) dog friends of which I am obviously the boss. Life is good.
By the way, the blue dumbbell toy is mine! I would rather newcomers use other toys. You have been warned.
With lots of love,

We are the proud owners of a 12 year old Standard Poodle called Asia, who always walked round puddles let alone swim. However, recently Asia has been rather wobbly on her hind quarters, sometimes stumbling, falling over and finding it hard to get up after a nap.
I had been thinking about trying hydrotherapy so after speaking to Asia’s Vet I decided to call CCHC and spoke to Jan, who immediately put me at ease.
Asia has built up an amazing trust with Jan and has found a new best friend. The sessions are working as she is so much stronger and can’t wait to tell everyone how clever she has been to go swimming.
The Centre’s support and commitment is truly outstanding: from a wobbly Poodle to a swimmer for the first time in 12 years.
Thank you.
The Renwick Family

Our 2 year old Springer spaniel, Holly has had major surgery to correct deformities of her hind legs and hips. She has been swimming at CCHC  for about 15 months and her recovery has been wonderful.
Jan is always professional, caring and compassionate. With her hard work Holly’s range of movement has improved enormously and she can now run and jump like any other able dog.
Jan has been very supportive of our family and Holly enjoys her regular visits to the hydro pool. We love to watch her swimming so confidently and with so much pleasure. Swimming has played a very important part in giving Holly a good quality of life.
Chris Robinson

Swimming is my favourite activity after eating. Jan is great and throws my toy for me all the time and I have lost 10kg in 9 months!! The only sad thing is when I have to go home, but I always get a biscuit to cheer me up.
Thank you for being so nice to me when I wasn’t sure.
Amber Elizabeth xx

My lovely Labrador Jack was very stiff and arthritic but his weekly swims helped him so much. He loved to go and his quality of life was improved greatly by the extra ease of movement swimming gave him. I was totally confident that the degree of exercise was always tailored carefully for his maximum benefit and he was always treated with real affection as well as professionalism.
My name is Lucy  . . . And I’m a hydrophobic. Actually I’m a Golden Retriever and I know I should love water, but to be honest I find it very scary.
I went to see Jan when I was one and three-quarters so she could help me recover after cruciate ligament surgery and boy, does that lady deserve a medal! I refused to go up the ramp into the pool (even when tempted by a trail of gravy bones) and shivered in the corner until I was gently carried into the water. Jan cuddled me until I regained my composure then after a while we swam a few strokes - then it was back to the safety of the ramp for more cuddles. Over a number of sessions I have built up the confidence to do figures of eight in the water and, even though I say it myself, I am quite a stylish little swimmer - but I still won’t go up the ramp and still have to be carried into the water!
Swimming has really helped my recovery and kept me strong, and Jan and Tracy are SO patient and caring that I would encourage any fellow wusses to persevere - because it’s worth it!
Lucy Walker
My slightly loopy Dalmation, Darcy began hydrotherapy as a means of keeping his weight under control and although highly recommended by my vet, I approached the first session with some trepidation: Darcy is notorious for getting into scrapes and I had no idea how he’d take to it!
The first few sessions were very splashy affairs and I doubted whether I was doing the right thing. Jan’s calm reassurance fell on deaf ears, but I should have trusted her. Since those early sessions I have watched Darcy’s confidence grow and he now swims happily, retrieving a toy with great pride. Moreover, he is now a lean, lithe dallie - not the porker he once was!
I cannot recommend Jan and CCHC more highly. Darcy seconds that!
Ruth Greenhalgh
At 3 years old my Alaskan Malamut, Raida went lame on a foreleg, which went on and off for months. We had several visits to the vets, x-rays etc, but they could not find anything. Eventually, one vet suggested hydrotherapy so I booked a session. On the way there I wasn’t sure what to expect, but when Jan invited us in we immediately felt at ease. Her friendly and caring attitude to Raida allayed any fears: he was really in safe hands. I would like to say a massive thank you for helping Raida back to full strength - he loves his weekly swim.
Leeann Barber
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